Adventures in Promoland: The Blog Tour


The next stop on the journey through Promoland is at the wondrous place called the Blog Tour. A blog tour is a fantastic way to reach a larger audience. To reach several difference audiences.

Here’s how it works: You find someone to host your tour. There are companies who will handle it, like Novel Publicity and bloggers, like the lovely Bree over at The Magic Attic who will do it for free. Now you may ask, why would you pay for a tour when you could have one for free? Well, it really depends on how much exposure you want. While Bree has an excellent following and record for hosting blog tours (which is why I’m using her for my own!) Novel Publicity has an extensive audience and blogger roster. When the owner of Novel Publicity, Emlyn Chand, ran her own blog tour, she had enough bloggers to run the tour for TWO MONTHS. That’s 60 some odd days of your book hitting a new audience. That’s a hell of a range. Companies that hold tours also have more resources at their disposal than some of the bloggers may have. It will really depend on your budget and the reach you want with the tour.

Once you decide on the route to take, the person or company holding the tour will contact bloggers and ask if they want to participate. A schedule will be set up and digital or paperback copies of your book will be sent to the bloggers participating.  They will read the book and start preparing their posts.

The posts can range from reviews to interviews to guest posts and whatever else they can come up with to help promote your book.  When the blogger posts, you can then help direct traffic to their blogs by tweeting the information or posting it on Facebook. It’s nice because while you’re getting your book out there to new audiences, you’re also helping the blogger up their traffic and they get to read a book for free. Yay free books!

To make the tour even more interesting, the bloggers can offer giveaways of your book in digital or print format. You can sign the paperbacks before sending them out or offer a Kindlegraph for the digital versions. Also if you have other swag, bookmarks, pins, posters, etc. they can give those out as well. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Another thing you can ask of the bloggers on the tour is for them to post their reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and/or Barnes and Nobles. That will help those browsing the sites  be more interested in your book and the more reviews you get, the higher your ranking goes. It’s a win!

A blog tour is a great tool to help you reach an audience you may not already have, to build your fan base, to make new friends with other writers and bloggers. Yes you may have to put out some money, but the amount totally depends on you, which is kind of a great thing.



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