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Now that Near Death is out, I’m sure many of you have seen me promoting it (Please tell me if you feel like I’m spamming that stuff. That is totally not what I want). Maybe you’re one of those awesome folks who have bought and read it and decided “Hey! She’s not half bad! I’d like to read something else of hers!”  Perhaps your thoughts exists with less exclamation points, but hey, a girl can dream, no?

I hope those are your thoughts because there are several other projects in the works. Two of them I hope to have published in 2012, one being the sequel to Near Death called Staying Alive.  The rough draft is not yet done, but I’m hoping to finish up in the next few months.

My top priority at the moment is a funny little (okay, at 70k+ words it’s not so little) spoof of a story about a girl stuck in a love triangle called Tears of a Clown.  Love triangle sounds pretty typical of young adult novels, no? Welp, the story started as a complete joke. I had been talking with friends about that “Dusk” series where the boring plain Jane whiny  main character attracts the attention of two very hot guys, one undead the other an animal. Being the plain Jane girl all my life, I know how very unlikely something like that is. I get it, it’s a story meant to appeal to us “plain” folk and give us fantasies that this might really happen to us some day *sparkle*!  As I was talking to these friends I joked “I should write a story about the most unlikely girl coming to a new school and having the hot guys fall all over her and I bet people would love it.”  They agreed and I got to thinking. What should this girl be like?  Just being plain or fat or super tall or rail thin wouldn’t do it. She needed something above and beyond. She needed to be a clown. A literal clown. The idea had merit, but even though I expected it to be a spoof, I knew I couldn’t write a whole story as a joke. There had to be more than that. I decided to make it a “little” more realistic by making the main character into a Juggalo.  For those not in the know, a Juggalo is a fan of the musical group, The Insane Clown Posse.  The fans will actually wear clown like make up to the concerts and gatherings. I just decided my chick would wear it almost all the time. Thus, my clown character was born.

Sounds silly, right? It is. It’s ridiculously stupid and chock full of pie gags, prat falls and circus jokes, along with tons of internet and other geeky references about Monty Python, the musician Peaches, Rule 34, etc.  While some of the jokes will go over some heads, enough people have read it and laughed their way through for me to know I’m not playing to a totally oblivious crowd.

I feel like there are not enough books out there to make us laugh, and I think Tears of a Clown will have people laughing and groaning and shaking their heads. In a good way.  As I said before, I couldn’t make the whole story a joke so there are redeeming qualities such as reminding people not to judge a book by its cover, beauty is only skin deep, learn to love yourself, etc. It’s got good lessons people! I promise.

As I get closer to publication, I will post a couple of chapters for people to check out and set it up on Goodreads. Hopefully people will be interested, even if it’s not completely in the same vein as my other work. It’s still got romance, hot guys, some steamy sexy time scenes and best of all, it’s got the jokes, because let’s face it, we can all use a good laugh these days.


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