Writing through your emotions


For me, the holidays are never quite as cheery as they used to be. I’m not quite sure why that is (although I have a few ideas…) but it makes me moody and unhappy and just down in general.

So rather than just curl in a ball and try to sleep through it, I use it. I write through it. Use my emotions to write those difficult scenes. It can be therapeutic to have your characters act out the emotions you’re struggling through.  Have them get in an argument with someone. They can yell loud and not have the neighbors complain.  Have them sit in a dark closet and cry their eyes out. If you need a hug, have someone come across them in their time of need and envelope them in a warm crushing embrace. If you’re frustrated, have your character kick tires or punch a hole in the wall. At least you won’t break your own toe or have a to Spackle a wall.

It doesn’t always have to be the down side of emotions either. Your happiness, feelings of love and joy can make a scene especially poignant as well. Even your sarcasm can lend to the realness of a character and their actions. Don’t be afraid to make your characters act like you.

They say to write what you know.  That doesn’t mean just the knowledge you’ve learned in school or gained in life experiences. It means use your surroundings, use your emotions and put pen to paper and make those characters come to life. You want them to be realistic and believable and by using your emotional state, you can make those characters really come to life.


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