Wanted: Book bloggers & reviewers


Attention all book bloggers and reviewers! I am looking for some people to participate in a blog tour for my young adult paranormal novel Near Death .  The tour will run towards the end of January, giving everyone about a month to read the book. I will provide the digital versions of the book  for you to read.

So what kind of reviews am I looking for? I’m looking for the typical, this is what it was about and this is what I liked/disliked about it but I’m also looking for quirky different reviews. You want to make a poster? Go for it! You want to act out your favorite scene? I’d pimp you all over youtube!  You want to interview me or some of the characters? Just understand I won’t be able to control what those people say!  You want to write a song? I’ll sing the chorus!  Surprise me.

The only requirements I’m going to ask from you guys in order to be included in this is to note your interest in the comments along with a link to your blog/reviews and your email address. You also have to be willing to post a review on Amazon, Smashwords and/or Goodreads. I won’t ask you to do all three (although I’d love you forever if you did).

Just to sweeten the deal,  I will award a prize to the blogger who gets the most traffic the day they post their review. I’ll make a list of recent releases and you’ll be able to choose two. Who doesn’t love free books?!

If you’re not a book blogger or reviewer yourself  but have favorites of your own, please feel to recommend them as well!


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