Now what?!


Oh yeah…it’s Thursday. That means it’s a regular blog posting day again! Back to the norm.

I said no more NaNoWriMo posts, but I’ve got to do at least one follow up.  So it’s December 1st. Do you feel lost not having a deadline anymore? Do you still have to actually finish your story? Are you done and need to do editing? Here are some tips for you.

If you still have story to finish, give yourself a deadline. Tell a friend that you know will pester the shit out of you until it’s done.  If you’re anything like me you’ll want to finish just to shut them up!  You don’t have to keep to the same grueling NaNo schedule, but if you’re already in a daily writing niche, why let that go to waste? Keep it up!

If the story is done and you want to dive right into editing….DON’T!!  Put that story away. Let it sit in a drawer for a week or more. It needs to mellow and you need to take your mind off of it. After it rests for a while, take it back out and read it through. Make notes as you go along. Things you want to change or add, questions you never answered, etc. Don’t worry about all the typos and little things on the first read through. Look for the big things: plot holes, contradictions, etc.  Fix those and then go back for the little things. Trying to edit can seem incredibly overwhelming when you have a 150+ page manuscript, so keep it simple at first.

Now maybe you wonder what am I doing now that NaNo is over.  Welp, my Nanovel needs finishing *BUT* I have a novel that I just got back edits on so I need to finish going through those.  For that same novel, I just got the completed front and back cover art. Squee! I’m so excited it’s finally all coming together. I’m hoping to get it all ready in the next week or two so I can give away copies for the holidays.

What are you folks up to now that the November frenzy is over?



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