ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: 1 is for One Month One Story


1 is for one month one story.  As the month is coming to a close, you look back and realize just how much you’ve done.  Your story might not be close to the end, but look at how much you’ve accomplished in just barely a month. 30k words? 40k words? Maybe you’re over 50k already. It’s amazing. It’s a feat not many others can brag about. Even if you do nothing with your story after this month*, you’ll have accomplished something many others have only ever dreamed about.

*If you’ve come this far, I highly recommend finishing things up. Giving it some time and then get to editing. Even if you only use the Createspace promo to print a copy for you and your friends/family, you should finish what you started!


Day 27:  I’m out of the letters and into the numbers folks. That means the end is near. Keep up the pace and if you’re at the right point, start wrapping things up! You can do it!


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