ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: X is for Xenophobia


X is for Xenophobia, which is the fear of foreigners or strangers.  While I think your novel could be lacking in characters and interaction if someone in your novel had this affliction, today’s post is more about researching character issues.  We already discussed filling your novel with a rainbow of people of ethnicity  but don’t forget that you can fill them out even more by giving them quirks, fears and oddities that will make them stand out, describe why they act the way they do, etc.  Look at yourself, look at people around you. Everyone’s got fears, don’t be afraid to make your characters less than perfect. They will seem more real to your readers.

Day 24: Happy Thanksgiving ‘Mercians! Hope you had your padding or that you can sneak away from the family for an hour or so and get some words in while trying to fight off your food coma.


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