ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: W is for Water


W is for water and other things your characters need to survive.  When you’re writing your stories, some people will tell you to skip over the boring mundane things, like eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom.  While you certainly don’t need to spend a chapter discussing your character’s bowel movements, don’t be afraid to add in things that make your characters seem more real. Real people need to drink and sleep. Real people need clothing to protect them from the elements. Real people need to use the bathroom on occasion (but uhh really, you don’t need to go into detail on this one). Don’t be afraid to make your characters seem real. It will make your readers  love them that much more.


Day 23:  You’re soooo close to the 40k mark. You are already over the midway hump, keep it going people. You can *DO* this!


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