ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: T is for Tense


T is for tense, a topic that probably should have been discussed at the beginning of the month, but I couldn’t just jump to T! When you start writing you need to decide whether you’re going to write in the past or present tense. That’s the fairly easy decision, right? The hard part comes in sticking with what you’ve chosen.  It’s one of my biggest issues, making sure I stay in one tense. Once you get into edit mode, you’re going to have to keep it in mind to check and make sure you’re not jumping back and forth between the two. A beta reader can really help look for that type of thing, so don’t be afraid to let someone read your work when it’s still in the rough form.


Day 20: Yikes, 10 days to go! Keep in mind, Americans, the upcoming holiday! Try to get a little padding into your word count if you can so you don’t fall behind and get discouraged in the final lap.


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