ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: P is for Passion


P is for passion, which does not have to equal porn.  Many stories have an element of romance to them and that often leads to a sexy time scene or two or twelve.  There are ways to write them to be exciting and sexy without them being erotica/porn.  Be careful of the words you use to describe the uhh bits and acts and you should be okay. Remember, you don’t need to spell every action out. People can use their imagination and get the picture just fine.
Day 16:  Are you still writing every day or have you slacked off a bit and skip a day here and there? It’s not the worst thing in the world, but remember, if you’re an American, there is a holiday coming up and you may be too busy preparing, or eating, to write for a while. Plan ahead to get ahead!


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