ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: O is for Ogres and Other Creatures


O is for Ogres and other creatures. If you’re writing a fantasy novel, you have a huuuuge data base on creatures to inhabit your world; Ogres, elves, dwarfs, dragons, giants and wrights. Of course you can always put your own twists on these creatures and make them something different, but don’t be surprised if you have a “purist” complain. With the recent explosion of paranormal stories, there is also much information on those creatures of the horror variety; vampires, werewolves, succubuses (succubi?). It’s kind of a saturated field, but if you can put a new spin on it, people are going to eat it up. Don’t be afraid to describe them from their physical traits to their diet habits, keeping it as clean or as gory as you like.  You want them to come off as believable as possible. Make them into something your readers would want to meet or something they’ll have nightmares about.

Day 15: Welp folks, you’ve hit the half way mark.  Did you think you’d get this far? I knew you could do it (or I hoped at least because that means maybe the blog posts are helping you stay motivated)! You should be around 25% complete with your word count. Remember though, 50k is the goal but not necessarily the end of your story. Keep working hard!



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