ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: M is for Murder, Mayhem and Mystery


M is for murder, mayhem and mystery, three things that are sure to hook your readers. We’ve already talked about killing off you characters. A murder can throw a lot of mayhem into your story whether it’s keeping readers on the edge of their seat with the mystery of it all or if it’s got your other character’s emotions in turmoil.  You don’t need to have a murder to have the mayhem and mystery, but all three go together nicely.

Mayhem can come in the form of many things from finding out a huge secret, to all the animals at the zoo being let out, to a comet on a direct crash course with your small rural town. It gives you action to write about and that excites the reader.

A bit of mystery is a sure way to keep readers turning the pages, especially if you can add the twists and turns that leave them scratching their heads wondering where you’re going and what’s really going on. The whole story doesn’t have to be a mystery either. Elements of it can be enough to peak interest.

Day 13:  Ahh lucky 13. It’s not always a number we think highly of, but if you’ve made it this far, you can certainly consider yourself lucky. Keep up the good work!


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