ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: J is for Journey


J is for journey.  There are lots of different kinds of journeys your characters can take over the course of your novel. There’s the obvious where they’re traveling from one location to another. The journey is often a major aspect of fantasy, especially high fantasy, novels. Look at Martin’s A Song of ice and Fire. Those characters are journeying all over the freakin’ place!  His characters do have other kinds of journeys as well; emotional journeys and the journey to maturity. The second is one you often find in young adult novels as the characters go through coming of age experiences. What kind of journey are your characters taking?

Day 10:  Struggling? Having issues? Vent ‘em here. We’ll all help if we can and if not, maybe it’ll just feel good to get it off your chest and know that you’re not the only one having a bit of a hard time. You are NOT alone!


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