ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: I is for Incentive


I is for incentive. Do you need incentive to keep writing? Let me tell you, regardless of how good or bad your novel is, not much is more awesome for a writer than to print out your manuscript and hold it in your hands. All those warm off the printer pages, collated in glowing white with black print like little ants lying down on your pages…it’s awesome. So awesome.  There are other incentives of course; rubbing it in the faces of the doubters, eventually publishing it or getting representation,  using it to even out the wobbly kitchen table, the great incentives never end!

Day 9: Here’s an incentive for you, the first 10 winners to come back to this post on Nov. 30th and post a link to your profile (which will show your proof of winning) and an email address will receive a free digital copy of my upcoming YA paranormal novel, Near Death! (Is it egotistical of me to think you’d even be interested in my book? Maybe…but Hey! A free book is a free book! ^_^)


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