ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: G is for Gallons of…


G is for gallons of coffee/tea/soda/energy drinks. While it may be too early in the month to be pulling all nighters, you may find yourself writing like a fiend because the words are flowing like the Nile. Don’t stop! Down those caffeinated beverages and KEEP WRITING! You may find the words drying up in the future or you’ll have a day where you can’t possibly fit in time to writing. Get ahead while you can even if it means buying stock in 5 Hour Energy drinks.  When you don’t sleep for three days from the sugar high, you can thank me for the hallucinations you’ll have that you can later write into your stories!

Day 7: OMG. Week one is at an end! You made it through the first seven days and haven’t given up yet. I’m so proud of you! Three weeks to go my little typing monkeys. You can do it!


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