ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: F is for Foreshadowing


F is for foreshadowing, which is a neat little writing trick where you use little hints and clues to let your reader know what’s going to be coming up in the story. For example, if I show Liberty at home in the kitchen with a pie tin and a bottle of Reddi-Whip, you can be sure someone will be getting a pie in the face sometime in the near future (Poor Darcy…). You don’t need to be a plotter to be able to foreshadow either. Us pantsers can work it in just as easily and a lot of readers enjoy that “I KNEW IT!” moment.

Day 6: Have you gotten into a groove?  Even if you’re busy, try to schedule in your writing. Maybe take half your lunch break or an hour before you go to bed. Pencil it in and you may be more likely to stick with it!


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