ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: D is for Dialog


D is for dialog. What’s a story without your characters talking to each other? BORE-ING. The thing with dialog is you have to make it realistic. If your characters are teens, check out some MTV or teen shows to see the kinds of slang they’re using today. Do some research. Make sure they act their age.If they’re elderly, you’ll probably hold back on the cussin’ and make them polite..unless they’re the nasty crotchety type…

Also be aware of dialog tags. The majority you use should be said or asked. To use whispered, shouted, slurred, etc. are forms of showing, not telling. Try to stay away from that. Dialog doesn’t always need to be tagged either. If the conversation is between two people, after tagging the first and second lines, the reader will be smart enough to figure out who is saying what. Lastly keep in mind that dialog can be fragments. Think about your own speech. Do you always talk in complete sentences? Probably not, therefore your characters don’t need to either.

Day 4: Did you hit your 1k goal yesterday? (I told you I’d check today!) If so, YAY! Good job! Keep up the good work! If not, imagine me giving you the evil eye for a moment. Scary? Do you want more of that? If not, try harder next time.


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