ABC 123(4)s of NaNo: C is for Conflict


C is for conflict. Every story needs conflict. You might remember from your school days when your English teachers were talking about conflict and resolution. I’m sure they told you it’s important, an essential part of every story. They were right. I know some of you may be rolling your eyes “Oooh stupid teachers are always trying to teach us crap we’ll never need” while that may be true for some things (I have yet to use any Trig since junior year of high school…) that’s not the case when it comes to writing fiction.  There’s got to be something that drives the story. Something the characters  need to do whether it’s a journey, kissing a boy they’ve dreamed about, defeating the evil overlord, you get the idea. With no conflict, there’s no resolution and the story is just random events that don’t necessary lead anywhere. Booooring.

Day 3: Everyone make me a promise to hit at least 1k words today! I’m checking back tomorrow! Go! Go! Go!



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