One Day More…


*whistles Les Mis music*

OK, so obviously fantastic Broadway musicals is not what I’m going to discuss today. It’s Monday, October 31st and YAY Halloween and goodbye life for the next thirty days.

As I’m sure you know, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. There’s much to be done, no? You have to make sure you have an idea ready to go (hopefully you’ve got that glimmer or something more). You need a good night’s sleep because you might not get much in the next month. You need to spend the remainder of the day with friends and family or running important errands because you won’t have much free time for that in November.  You need to make sure your NaNo account is set up and you’ve visited the forums and maybe made some friends to add as writing buddies. You need to stock up on coffee, tea or the caffeinated beverage of your choice along with writing appropriate snacks (to me this is Pocky and other easily edible snacks that I can quickly shovel in between thoughts).  Maybe you’ll want to make some playlists as well. Music works well for some and not at all for others. Play around with it if you have the time.

If this is your first year doing NaNo, you may be wrestling with the decision of whether or not you tell friends and family what you’re doing.  The first year I participated, I largely kept it a secret. Considering my life situation at the time, it wasn’t all the difficult, but I was almost embarrassed to be doing it. I guess I was concerned about telling people what it was and then having them ask me a million questions I wasn’t ready to answer or worse yet, asking to read the thing! Oh the HORROR! I think I was also afraid that if I didn’t complete the 50k that it’d be another failure they could add to their lists. Harsh thinking perhaps, but let’s just say I wasn’t in the best frame of mind at that point in time. When the following year came along, I was excited to tell people and surprised how many supported and encouraged me, so don’t be afraid to let people know. They’ll  be impressed. Really.

So get in your last minute things folks, because starting tomorrow, it’s all writing, all the time. Build your worlds and kill your characters and remember to stop here daily for some writing tips and encouragement.

Best of luck everyone and remember to have fun! Go to a write-in or two. Kill off everyone and introduce someone new. Add some humor to your story and when in doubt, blow shit up. Happy Writing!


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  1. It may be particularly important to go to a write-in if you are NOT going to talk to friends and co-workers about your novel. At least you’ll be in the company of other writers facing the same daunting but doable deadline.

    A few years ago I had such a big support system at work that I came in every morning and updated my word count on my white board simply so I didn’t have to answer the question for everyone who wandered by during the day. No one else there wanted to write a novel but they were sure impressed that I would do it and very supportive. You might be surprised how much people admire those of us who are able to step outside our usual roles to try something risky.

    To all my fellow WriMos, good luck! See you in December!!

  2. Very good point Diann! It’s funny, I get the same looks of amazement from people when I tell them I do NaNo as I do when I tell them “Yes I baked that apple pie. No I didn’t buy it in the store”. People are funny that way 😀

    Good luck to you!

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