Book Review – Dawn of Darkness


Title: Dawn of Darkness (Daeva)

Author: Daniel A. Kaine

Genre: Paranormal

Amazon Summary:

 Unburdened by the pain of loss and heartbreak, Mikhail is content with his life of solitude. But everything began to change the day he realised he has a psychic ability — the power to alter the emotions of those around him.
Mikhail is ushered into the Military Academy with others like him — other Daevas — where he does his part to help tip the scales of war against the vampires that destroyed the world and plague what remains of humanity. But after going up against his first vampire, Mikhail starts to question everything he thought to be true.

To discover the truth and expose the lies he once believed, Mikhail will set out on a journey of discovery, and learn some things about himself in the process.


Personal Reaction:

I had read a beta version of this and loved it! The final product is even better. It’s not a typical vamp/supernatural story so it was nice to feel like I hadn’t read it before (as I do with many other vampire books out there these days).
There’s action, romance, suspense, and some sexy time scenes that may very well leave you needing a smoke when you’re done reading it. The characters are well rounded and likable. You’ll come to care what happens to them. 



This go round, I wanted to do something a little different. I opted to interview not the author of this great book, but two of main characters (and a sexy couple!), Mikhail (Mik) and Ashley (Ash). I asked some hard hitting questions, but the boys did not disappoint in the least!


Q) Mik, what did you think the first time you saw Ash?

Mik: Kill me. Kill me, now. We met for the first time when I moved into the dorms. I was already pissed that I had to share a room, but I was at least hoping for someone who kept to themselves. Instead, I got this moron.
Ash: Ah, come on. It wasn’t that bad.
Mik: You wouldn’t stop pestering me! I couldn’t even eat in peace. He was so stubborn and annoying, and he’d flirt with pretty much anything… including me.
Ash: I thought it might help you open up a bit.  *smirks* I guess it worked.

Q) Did it bother you when he had one night conquests?

Mik: It didn’t bother me so much. If anything, I was happy to get a few moments of peace while he was out. It was only when he brought people back to the room that it annoyed me.
Ash: Hey, I didn’t do that often. And only when you weren’t in the room.
Mik: You could have at least left a sign on the door to warn me though. The things I’ve accidentally walked in on… they can’t be unseen!
Ash: And who’d want to unsee them?

Q) Ash, were you always interested in Mik? Or did it grow as you got to know him? (it=interest, not uhh anything else)

Ash: Oh, he definitely grew on me. *sniggers* Well, I can’t deny there was a bit of interest to begin with. I mean, he’s not a bad looking guy, but his attitude was awful. I wanted to like him, but he made that incredibly difficult. It took a month or so before he started to open up. After that, we just started hanging out more and more.

Q) Speaking of interest, anyone else on the team spark any? Brad (mmm muscles)? Lucas? (I’d worry his speed would not work well in uhh other areas…) Katiya?

Ash: *shrugs* Brad’s a little too muscly for my tastes. Lucas was alright, but definitely straight. Kat… well, it’s complicated. I made a pact not to get involved with anyone in the squad. *laughs* Well, so much for that…

Q) Ash, did you feel any guilt over your first time with Mik, considering his emotional and drunken state at the time?

Ash: At first, yes. But we were both drunk and feeling a little vulnerable… I think we both needed it as much as the other.

Q) Did either of you worry whether or not your gifts would affect your relationship?

Mik: No.
Ash: It was because of our gifts that I managed to finally get Mik to open up. He was struggling a little with his ability.
Mik: Was not.
Ash: Were too. You couldn’t shield yourself to save your life. When he finally stopped being stubborn, I helped him train. That was when he started to open up a little.

Q) Mik, tell the truth now, what did you think of Nate when you first saw him in all his ginger glory?

Mik: I dunno. I mean, with everything that had just happened… I wasn’t sure what to think. I guess I was a little relieved that there was someone I could relate to.
Ash: *nudges Mik with his elbow* You know, I think she’s asking if you thought he was hot. She has a crush on him. (Hey now! This interview is about you guys! Not me. –MB)
Mik: *blushes* What? I never thought about Nate like that. He was just a friend.

Q) Let’s get a little more personal, shall we? Ash, how about sharing your favorite Mik related fantasy with us?

Ash: Tough one. There’s a lot I can choose from. I’d love to get him tied up though.
Mik: You are NOT tying me up.
Ash: *grins* You’ll come around in the end. (Freudian slip?? –MB)

Q) How about you Mik? Got any fantasies? Maybe involving you and Ash and a certain ginger?

Mik: I already said Nate was just a friend!
Ash: *shrugs* He was alright-looking. You couldn’t pay me enough to share Mik with him though. So, any fantasies you wanna share, Mik?
Mik: N-no. I… I don’t think about that much.
Ash: You sure? Not even a little bit? You don’t lie there at night, thinking about all the things we could do together?
Mik: Well, there is one thing I’ve always wanted to do.
Ash: What would that be?
Mik: Gag you.
Ash: Kinky *wiggles his eyebrows*
Mik: Not really. I just want you to shut up sometimes.
Ash: *pouts*

Q)  Alright, enough of that, let’s get down to the real business. Mik, Ash, tell us what’s so great about Dawn of Darkness (Daeva) and why should people buy it?

Ash: Hot sex. (It is indeed smokin’ –MB)
Mik: *facepalm* Buy it because we have real non-sparkling vampires.
Ash: And psychics. I mean, why have one when you can both? Plus, we’re hotter than your average psychic.

Q) Also, what can we expect from you guys in the future? More sexy time scenes I hope!

Mik: A couple of people have mentioned wanting to see some more exploration into the magic of other Daeva’s… there’s a bit of that, though I won’t say whose magic will be explored and developed. Hmm, what else?
Ash: Well, the clue is in the sequel’s title, really. ‘Origin of Darkness’. A lot happened in the past that led up to the events that took place in the first book. Things that we missed the first time round, or happened before we were brought into the picture.
Mik: And if you’ve ever wondered how vampires came into existence in the Daeva world… that’s in there too.
Ash: Along with a giant spider.
Mik: Seriously? A giant spider?
Ash: *grins* Yup, you’ll have to wait til next year to find out what the Hell I’m on about though.

Q) Thanks for playing along guys! I look forward to more of the Adventurous Romps of Mik & Ash—uhh I mean to the sequel of Dawn of Darkness!

Ash: Oh, don’t worry… I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty more romps when I get my way.
Mik: If you get your way.
Ash: Please, have you met our author? He couldn’t keep his mind out of the gutter if you duct-taped it to a fricking jet plane!
Mik: You know, it usually not a good idea to make wisecracks at your author, but I have to agree.
Ash: *shrugs* He’ll probably take it as a compliment anyway. And what’s the worst he could do to us?
Mik: I’d rather not find out.


Dawn of Darkness (Daeva) can be purchased at the following locations:

Amazon –
Smashwords – ($0.99 with code “KC75Z” for the rest of the month of October)

You can contact the author at the following locals:

Twitter: @shiki_boy









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    • hehh in your end-o!

      Quite welcome! Why not promote stuff I actually enjoyed? 😀 Best of luck with it. I’m excited for the sequel!

    • They are fun because you get to learn the voice of the character without giving away too much of the story..and you get to see the author’s writing style as well 🙂

      besides, those boys are so fun 🙂

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