Want to be included?


We interrupt your Friday afternoon countdown to bring you a contest of sorts. A morbid kind of contest that is. It’s not even really a contest (unless I get some crazy out pouring of interested people).

Here’s the deal. I spoke with my cover illustrator/designer today and we discussed some ideas for the back cover. Now you’re thinking, “Hey, aren’t you releasing an e-book? Why do you need a back cover at all?” I decided that in addition to the e-book, I’m going to offer a paperback version using POD (print on demand), therefore, a back cover will be needed. Since I will have what I know will be a beautiful piece of art, I will also add it in the back pages of the e-book after the author bio and pic. This way everyone can see it if they click far enough.

One of the ideas we came up with was an image of “the book”.  The book is this horrible little record of all the lives our Angel of Death has taken. It lists the person’s name and cause of death. I am going to recreate the book to take a photograph of it and then my designer extraordinaire will work her magic and add it to the back cover, under the box with the summary.

While I can certainly make up all the names and causes of their demise, I thought it’d be fun to get others involved. This is where you guys come in.  Should you be interested in gracing the back cover of Near Death I will need you to leave your name and cause of death in the comments below (I told you it was kind of morbid). If you want to use first and middle initials and then your last name (so your whole name isn’t out there for the world to see) that would be perfectly acceptable. As far as the cause of death goes, I’m looking for some creativity, but remember:

1) this takes place in North America so you won’t get too many folks being mauled by angry (hipster) koalas 
2) it needs to fit on the line!

If you really want to participate but are leery about putting your name out, say so in the comments. Not all the names will be seen and not all the causes of death will be seen. Below is something I whipped together quickly to give you an idea of what the back will kind of look like.As you can see, the summary text will be blocking out parts of the picture, so I will work your information into the areas where the whole name won’t be seen. You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing your name is on there without having to worry about people trying to hunt you down or steal your identity or whatnot.

So if you want to join in the fun and be included, remember I need your name and cause of death left in the comments of this post. You have until Monday August 15th to get it in!


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