Taking your own advice


Welp today (yesterday now…) was the day. The day where the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest announced who would be moving onto round two. Unfortunately, I did not advance. While I didn’t really expect to make it to the end, I was hoping to at least make the first cut.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed. Thinking back to the post I recently did about prepping for rejection, I decided to take the day off from writing yesterday and wallow a little.  I think it’s important to let yourself feel sad over it and a short lived pity party isn’t an awful thing, just don’t let it drag on.

So it’s a new day and my party has fizzled out. I have to make plans to move forward. Revise the pitch/query some more. See if there are some more places online I can turn it in to get ripped apart. I’ll probably stop by the book store and flip through some of the books on publishing and check online directories to find agents who represent my genre. The plus about being booted from the contest means I can start shopping the story around much sooner since I don’t have to wait to see if I move on to other rounds. Silver lining!

I know that some of my other writer friends didn’t make the cut either, but they all seem to be moving on as well. I’m taking my own advice and not letting it get me too down. I’m sure there will be other rejections to come so picking myself up now is good practice for the future. Time to get back to it!


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  1. Thanks, I will. 🙂 I do think you have to be true to yourself though and if it makes you sad, then go with that, just don't let it keep you from moving on you know? Pity parties should be kept short and sweet! 😀

  2. True, but you have to get used to waiting when you're sending out queries too so it's good practice too. Heh not like I don't have a million other projects to work on 😛

  3. I think that's what I find so appealing about indie publishing. Instead of waiting on an agent to find the editor and cover artist I have to be the one doing it. (can we say control freak? lol)

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