And the winner is….


First, I want to thank everyone who participated and those who helped to promote the contest. I appreciate it and I hope that you guys who took the time to enter got something out of the exercise. I had a hard time choosing a winner but alas, there could be only one. So without further ado, I dub Eric Satchwill and his micro fiction about the phoenix our winner! I thought he did a really good job building some suspense and having a good  beginning, middle and end.

Congratulations Eric! Be sure to pick one of the books listed the original post and email me at and let me know which  (if you have a Kindle & would prefer an e-book version, let me know).

As for everyone else, because I’m grateful you took the time to enter, I want to promote you all and give you some feedback on your entries. Email me at the above address and let me know a site and/or Twitter account you’d like to have promoted and I will give you guys a badge you can put on your site.

Thanks again to everyone and I hope you guys have learned the value of Less is More!


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