Caldecott Awards


As a long time reader and lover of graphic novels (manga, manhwa, etc.) and comic books (oh Marvel X- series I did so love you) I could not agree more with the linked article that it’s time to consider graphic novels as Caldecott Award winners.

Anyone who says that they are fluff and not good reading has either not been reading the right ones or not picking them up at all. While I am more familiar with graphic novels from Asia, I have read a handful of American brand books.  The plots are intricate and involved.  There are real stories there. Morals, lessons to learn and all.  It’s not just fluff with the occasional T&A thrown in (although there is some of that out there…). Added to these interesting and often exciting stories is amazing artwork that helps the reader picture the world, the character’s mannerisms and personality and atmosphere.

I also think comics and graphic novels are a great way to turn a non-reader on to the wonderful world of the written word.  Is that not a great thing?

I hope that the members of the ALSC will really stop down and take a look at what’s out there in the world of graphic novels.  I think many will be surprised and delighted with the complexity they find.

It’s Caldecott Time

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